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American Water was incorporated in 1995 out of a desire to share Nature’s purified water with the world.

Today, its products are consumed in leading government institutions, hotels, fine restaurants, retail locations, as well as households.

Explore our wide selection of refreshing bottled H2O options.

American Water makes bottled water delivery easy. We’re proud to be the leader in home and office water delivery services, and we make it as simple as selecting your plan and the bottle size you’d like delivered. The best part: free delivery every time!


Explore our wide selection of payment options

We are all about better serving our valued customers. In this regard we have introduced a number of convenient payment options for you to choose from.

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Be a part of Sri Lanka’s pioneer in bottled water industry!

If you are an individual with a passion for excellence and success, we invite you to join our team in reaching great heights and achieving your dreams. Please submit your application, along with the relevant details, on our vacancy portal.

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Journey to the source of purification

One of Nature’s Greatest Gifts, We Purify & Deliver it For You

American Water is colorless, hmodas neither fragrance nor aftertaste, and folks are simply expected to "Just drink it!"

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